Graham Chan

Far Effect Investment Group / Paradise City Films

Graham Chan is a serial entrepreneur with 18 years experience and one successful exit. He has an understanding of building companies and solving problems for multiple industries. Currently he is creating growth opportunities and transparent ROI's within the film industry. After observing and listening to the investment side of the movie business, he felt the need to build a company that truly puts his interests as an investor first. Thus creating the Far Effect Investment Group. Far Effect was launched to allow easy access to investors while protecting their interests and maximizing their return on Investment. His direct partnership with the rapidly growing Paradise City Films works seamlessly as both companies agree on the philosophy of putting the investor first. He specializes in growing relationships, companies and partnerships in various industries such as; sports garment manufacturing, nightlife entertainment, restaurateur, life sciences SAAS enterprise software and now film. His constant thirst to learn new knowledge and skills are only surpassed by his passion to teach and pass on what he has learned. Graham is motivated by business solutions, disruption, innovation and personal growth for himself and those around him.

Dean Buchanan

Paradise City Films / Far Effect

Dean Buchanan hails from Chesterfield, England and is a Film Producer with a strong focus on acquisitions, development and corporate finance for the Entertainment industry. Being a serial entrepreneur, he previously helped establish and grow businesses in the Hospitality and Technology spaces. Having always been passionate about film, Buchanan now works within the fast growing Vancouver atmosphere alongside partners in Los Angeles. His multiple credits include: "Dragged Across Concrete" with Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn, "Ride" with Bella Thorne and Jesse T Usher, and the thriller "Drone" starring Sean Bean. The mission with his new company Paradise City Films, is to bring together diverse talented people from all aspects of the industry and form long lasting relationships. When focusing on these, investor ROI, growth and profitability come organically to the team.