Taking the Risk and Pain out of Investing in Motion Pictures


Where the Investor Comes First

So WHY Invest with Far Effect?

And HOW does Far Effect Invest?


Why NOW is the Time


Multiple Revenue Streams

It really is the golden Age of content. Revenue will funnel in from multiple streams as it never has before. There's traditional box office, streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime along with BluRay and Apple/Google Play Digital sales. All with 25 different international territory markets to sell too including North America and China.

Diversify your portfolio

No doubt you have investments in both the stock market and real estate already. In 2008 when the US housing market crashed taking the stock market with it, box office revenue actually went up. 2018 was the biggest year in movie sales history and the movie industry is considered recession resistant.

Free money!!

Every country and city now offer massive tax credits and grants to film and create jobs in their jurisdiction or territory. Far Effect always maxes out these programs on every film so our money and production go further.

Something Fun!

Of course you will have invites to all pre-release special screenings, premieres and after parties. An opportunity to visit the film sets and a chance to take selfies with the actors and actresses. Possibly a roll as an extra and access to cool movie memorabilia!

Finally, we got you...

At Far effect we cover your initial lawyer costs. This ensures that ALL your capital goes towards equity of the film. You also have access to our independant hollywood consultant. There are no management fees or payout costs.

Time to Sit Back and Enjoy the Show...